It just might work this time!

fullsizeoutput_2515Today is quite a day for me.  If by chance you are reading this, it means I somehow managed to create a working website.  Holy shit.  My fingers are crossed so tight they just might snap into little pieces.

Technology is not a friend of mine.  As soon as I start to realize I don’t understand something I revert back to my comfortable ranting about how the “cloud” is a conspiracy and how I can remember when you just sat down at the computer you just bought and everything was already there!

I can’t fake you out with other bullshit either like getting enjoyment and satisfaction from learning new things and challenging myself.  Screw that.  Sorry, I’ve learned enough lessons to last me at least a lifetime and it had nothing to do with WiFi or Social Media platforms.

However,  I do love to write.  It’s my imaginary world where I can pretend someone is actually listening to me.  It’s also a way to maintain a decent grip on what’s left of my sanity.

So after weeks of screw-ups and quitting this website set-up (with very clear instructions btw so I can only blame myself),  here she is…

The real Emily Redondo is finally out.  She’s twisting and shifting, trying to get comfy in a new setting.  It’s that damn growth and change deal that leads me to be a better version of myself.  Just like this site.  I second guessed myself, getting caught up in what I thought other people were doing and liking until I was crying in my cornflakes just trying to pick a fucking template!  That’s when I called a time-out to remind myself a) I’m not that big of a deal, and b) pick what you like and move on with your life!  It’s a classic Emily move.  Miss the big picture (I’m writing finally!) because you’re obsessing over something stupid (what font should I use as my default??).

So if there are flaws and snags, I apologize.

Welcome to “real”.




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