It’s been quite a switch to go from being an anonymous writer to one who’s striving to put her name out there.  I still battle with insecurities, not to mention learning how to work myself into an already busy schedule of family life. But it’s slowly coming together!

Read some recent articles I’ve written about recovery here-

ballpoint pen classic coffee composition

The Fix

Part of a letter from my 10-yr-old when she realized I was gone.

Here’s an article I wrote about being sober at holiday parties-

What do I say if they ask?

Genius Recovery

Curious about what someone learns after seven inpatient treatment centers?

What have I learned from all that experience?

Click here to read about my love for music and my sober momma-

Austin City Limits 2018


What exactly is It’s a on-line publishing platform where I am honored to write for Light Hustler.  You can read essays from the website menu or from the link below.

Emily Redondo at Medium–

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